Fact: Caregivers comprise more than 60% of today’s workforce.


How does this impact you as an employer? Employees that are fulfilling family responsibilities as a caregiver are spending up to 40 hours per month taking care of all the details necessary to provide for their loved one.  Their caregiving responsibilities may include financial, physical, and emotional support.  Unfortunately, they can’t always get everything done outside of the normal workday so they are then forced to try to balance the two.  This often leads to:

  • Time spent at work (on the clock) making phone calls
  • Arriving late or leaving early
  • Using vacation time to care for loved ones instead
  • More sick time used to recover from stress related situations

As an employer, you have to manage your staff and probably take great care to provide a supportive environment for your team. In the past, providing standard benefit and salary packages was enough.  However, in today’s competitive environment, you need to provide more.  Providing your employees a way to manage their caregiving responsibilities with their work responsibilities is just one way you can help.

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